Committed to provide and maintain the highest level of safety and healthy environment always, hence preventing occupational accidents, injuries, illnesses or unnecessary environmental damages.

All the tools and tackles are periodically inspected against any damage.

Health & safety risk assessment / control measures are strictly followed and maintained as per the risk assessment format.

Communicating to all employees and other interested parties on anything that may affect their health, safety and environment.

Achieve undeniable quality in instrument design, detail engineering, calibration, erection and commissioning works. Very strict quality control is exercised on the material selection.

All the works are carried out as per approved method statement, this is to outline the sequences and methods of works intended to be used for field instruments as per good engineering practice, project specifications and international standards.

Communicate our quality policies and objectives to all employees.

Develop relationships with our suppliers that emphasize continuous improvement in product quality, service, and support.

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